Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)


Sakura Music & Art has 4 different areas of music, artistic and cultural activities. 


1) MUSIC School 


* Guitar lesson from beginner to master class 


Pop-rock guitar, country guitar, blues guitar and ethnic styles 

--- method for guitar, basic picking, fingering, muting, reading, 

    chord structure, special tuning, slide play, sound creation etc. 


* Computer music (MIDI-music and hard disc recording) 

--- basic knowledge about computer music


  • How to make MIDI-data 
  • Sampling sound (for instruments) 
  • How to mix 
  • How to use effects 

* Music business lesson (music production & copyright) 

  1. Basic procedure 
  2. CD production procedure 
  3. Recording (studios, home, etc) 
  4. Organizing concerts 
  5. Copyright protection 
  6. Promotion 
  7. Management (particularly in the Netherlands) 



- How to combine your music with Asian ethnic music and instruments 

- Slide Guitar (with Bottle neck, Lap Steel Guitar) 



2) Language lesson 


* Conversation ------------------ official & casual manners 

* Reading & Pronunciation --- text reading, skim reading, tone and pronunciation practice

* Writing --------------------------- characters (hiragana, katakana, kanji), grammar and vocabularies 

* Manners and etiquette ------ greeting, etiquette, culture and history 




  --- basic mandarin Chinese proficiency  


3) Music production 


* Management --- management of (international) artists, exhibitions, music industry knowledge                                   and CD press release 

* Organization --- concerts, recording, mastering and exhibition preparation 

* Production ------ artist activity (CD/DVDs, performance and exhibition) 

* Promotion ------- information and announcement 



Knowledge and experience of CD production & commercial music 


4) Art promotion 


* Support music and artistic activities for companies, local businesses, artists and organizations between Asia (Japan) and Europe (the Netherlands)  

* Introduce and network people for artistic activities (including recording, concert, exhibition and education/training purposes) 

* Manage recording, festivals and exhibitions 



Cultural exchange in the music industry