Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)

Service and offer

We offer Teaching, Production and Coordination service by appointments. 


1. Production

We will take care of your project, and based on each project, schedules and budget we will offer you the services below. 


(Model price and offer)


- Recording

- Organize concert

- Exhibition

- Management --- 20% (exclusive BTW) 

From left: slide guitar, electric guitar, Yueqin (moon guitar), Firebird (Gibson)

2. Coordination

The coordination project is highly influenced by the budget and schedules. 


We would like to ask the following questions: 


- How frequently would you like to coordinate your concerts ? 

- How frequently would you plan on recording (subject to change) ?

- How long would you like to organize your music/artistic exhibitions?





*exclusive BTW 

3. Teaching

Teaching lessons will be consulted by appointments. Please refer to your learning goals (basic, advanced, mastery) to contact us. 

Private lessons will cost extra transportation fee except Amsterdam & Amstelveen areas. 


Bon Voyage
For the bright future !


Private Guitar Lesson  36 euro/hour (advanced course 45 euro/hour)

Grope Guitar Lesson 1 (2,3 person) 25 euro/hour

Grope Guitar Lesson 2 (4,5 person) 15 euro/hour


[Japanese language] 

Private lesson 36 euro/hour

Grope Lesson (2 to 5 person) 25 euro/hour


*included BTW


*cancellation policy --- one day before until 12 o'clock in the night (24:00)