Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)


Sakura Music & Art profile

Amsterdam city where Sakura Music & Art was found.
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SAKURA MUSIC & ART was established to support people who are interested in art and musicians in 2011. Our main mission is to enhance "cultural exchange”. Unfortunately, invisible walls exist today due to differences of nationality, language, music genre and community.


This circumstance has made cultural exchange difficult and artists are prone to lose future possibilities. We believe that art should not be distinguished by differences because "art is life" and should be accessed and enjoyed freely.


We are honored to collaborate artists and musicians across different countries. Sakura Music & Art organizes good opportunity to meet other artists and all music lovers.


The director Rei is musician, artist and composer. She taught students in music school and in private lessons. She performed in Europe, United States, Japan and many other countries more than 15 years.  


"Sakura" is well known as the symbol of Japanese heritage. Sakura has 2 meanings - cherry blossom, and the other meaning is the place where people gather around and prosperity. We hope our support will be part of the ‘cultural exchange’. We commit to people enjoy life with wonderful art and artist for the beautiful life. 

Why ''Sakura Music & Art" is from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and one of the famous cities in Europe for tourism and artistic works. The location is quite excellent with transportation. "Amsterdam art" has been advanced especially in modern art as well as the classic art. It is good environment for artists who would like to discover new possibility.


The director Rei had big concept since long time ago. The concept is "fusion culture" "no category, no genre, no wall". However, she saw attempts to fuse the essence of "Oriental and Western" and "Modern and Traditional" as the mainstream. Her activity is performed by this concept to feel "freedom". Amsterdam must be one of the best places in the world for "culture exchange". 



Rei Satoshi profile

REI SATOSHI is composer, arranger and guitarist from Japan. She is the full member of "Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers" (JASRAC) and plays Asian lute "Yueqin". She released 8 CDs (2 rock bands, 3 solo, 3 East Asian music projects). She devoted for CD, video, animation, film, commercial music, event, festival. Her career has started as rock guitarist to be one of the multi players. She taught in music schools, technical colleges (guitar, music business) and private lessons.


In 2001 she moved into Paris, France and started her activity across Europe, United States, Asia and any other countries. She played music with various musicians from all over the world. She creates her music by fusion "Oriental and Western" and "Modern/Rock and Traditional". She also protests what we might  loose in our life by modernization. 


In 2005 she moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and keep on her activity. In 2006 she organized REI SATOSHI BAND and finally found SAKURA MUSIC & ART culture center in 2011. The vision is to support individuals and the music industry "for culture exchange" "for music & art" "for the beautiful life". 


She will mediate art & culture between Europe and Asia.