Himeji Castles
Himeji Castles
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 2011年 アムステルダムにて


          サトシ レイ



play Yueqin
play Yueqin


"Guzel" is established as music production in 1992 in Japan (Tokyo). They managed a lot of studio recording, event, produce CD and teaching in music school. Also managed the music royalty of Rei Satoshi, managed the activity of "Rei Satoshi" "Rei Satoshi Band"(Japan Version) "Dejima Ensemble" and "Ueda Hiromi"(Sho). Since 2001 they started "co-ordinate" music activity between Europe and Japan/Asia. Guzel connects with Sakura Music & Art. Mostly they work and support as Japan branch. 





KLD guitar

"KLD guitar" is new brand from China. They product guitar amp, effector and so on. Their products is already for sale in China and Itlie. In some countries by instrument provider the prodicts are also in sale via internet. The company is from Guang Dong prefecture. This brand will be well known as new Asian brand soon. They intend to promote thier product in Europe as well. And they decided to endorse Rei Satoshi. On Rei Satoshi performance people will find and listen to KLD products. (www.kldguitar.com) 




Amsterdam Music Promotion

The music promotion/prodiction from Amsterdam/The Netherlands. They manage a lot of tour for the musician from UK. the Netherlands/Europe and U.S. SAKURA MUSIC & ART has co-opporation. Now they would like to extend their activity in Asia too. This Amsterdam Music Promotion can introduce European artist to Europe and SAKURA MUSIC & ART can introduce Asian artist to Europe. They are going to organize music festival together. (www.amsterdammusicpromotor.n/)

Songhouse Productions

Our aim at Songhouse Productions is to place professional quality songs in popular music, film, tv, radio, & games.
Songhouse Productions is a combination of musical, production & promotion skills with Luke Nyman and Rei Satoshi at the core.
We work with a committed group of satellite songwriters, musicians, & producers when the need or creative situation arises.






[Sakura music] is a business website especially for the artistic activity of "Rei Saotshi" This website is managed by marketing team in Amsterdam/The Netherlands. By making music video "Sea Swallow" in April/2012 this team was organized. Most of official information of Rei Satoshi will be done by this website. And it is linked to facebook page "Sakura music" as well. Principal member is : Hugo Rijders (Director, Editor, Writer) Rick Wezenaar (photogragh) Victor Cruz-Frnandez (publicity) 


URL : http;//www.sakuramusic.org

facebook : sakura music


"Rei Satoshi - Sea Swallow"

Youtube link is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJsZ3xwdMhE 

Making off video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItVnvkPsN4&feature=relmfu