Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Himeji Castles, Hyogo, Japan
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)

Rei Satoshi

Sakura Music & Art is a business website that supports the artistic activity of Rei Satoshi and coordinate with multiple versatile artists and musicians.


"Rei Satoshi - ''Tactics'' 


"Guzel" was established as the music production in Tokyo, Japan in 1992. It managed studio recording, CD production, event organization and vocational teaching in music schools.


The name 'Guzel' comes from Turkish language, which means 'beautiful'. The production managed the activities of "Rei Satoshi Band" in Japan and "Dejima Ensemble". 


Since 2001 GUZEL coordinates music production across Europe and Japan. Guzel connects with Sakura Music & Art, and supports the operation as the Japanese branch.  

Songhouse Productions

Songhouse productions was established to place professional quality songs in popular music, film, TV, radio and games. 


It produced a combination of a musical, production and promotion with Luke Nyman and Rei Satoshi at the core. 


They collaborated closely with a committed group of satellite songwriters, musicians and producers when the need or creative situation arises.