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 2011年 アムステルダムにて


          サトシ レイ



play Yueqin
play Yueqin

"SAKURA MUSIC & ART" (promote art activity)

Rei Satoshi
Rei Satoshi






                    Amsterdam, The Netherlands



                          " for culture exchange "


                                   " for music & art "


                                             " for beautiful life "  


* Music school & Japanese school

* Music Production

* Art promotion  (for every art between the Netherlands and Japan)



* Amsterdam 

* Amstelveen 





 [Music school]

* guitar (from beginner to master class)

  [pop-rock guitar, country guitar, blues guitar, ethnic style]

   --- method for guitar, basic picking, fingering, muting, reading,

        chord structure, special tuning, slide play, sound creation, ... 

* computer music (midi-music and hard disc recording) 

   --- basic knowledge about computer music. how to make midi-data,

        sampling sound(instrument), how to mix, how to use effects, ...

* music business (music production, copy right)

   --- basic produce, the process of CD produce, recording,

         organizing concert, copy right, promotion, management, ...



     --- how to combine with Asian ethnic music and instrument

     --- Slide Guitar (with Bottle neck, Lap Steel Guitar)


[Japanese school]

* conversation --- official way, friendly way, respect way ... 

* reading/pronunciation --- text reading, conversation, ...

* writing --- character (hira-gana, kata-kana, kanji), grammar, ...

* behaving --- way of greeting, about Japan culture and history, ...



  --- can teach mandarin Chinese too (only for the beginner)


[Music production]

* management --- manage artist, exhibition, music industry, CD press, ...

* organizing --- concert, recording, mastering, exhibition, ... 

* produce --- artist activity (CD/DVD, performance, exhibition, ... )

* promotion --- information, annuncement, ...



  --- the process of CD produce, the process of commercial music


[Art promote] 

* supporting for music & art activity (company, artist, organization) between

   Japan/Asia and The Netherlands/Europe

  --- introduce and connect people for art activity (recording, concert,

       exhibition, education ... )

* management --- recording, festival, exhibition, ... 



  --- how to exchange culture







   [REI SATOSHI] is composer/arranger/guitarist from Japan. Full member of "Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers" (JASRAC) She plays Asian lute "Yueqin" as well. In fact she is one of multi player. She released 7 CDs (2 as rock band, 3 as solo, 2 as Asian music project). She participated in many sort of music products/industry (CD, video, animation, film, commercial music, event, festival) Her career was started as rock guitarist. Also had teaching in music school and techical college (guitar, music business) as well as private lesson.

  2001 she moved into France (Paris) and started her unique activity through Europe, United States, Asia and any other countries. She played with various musician from all over the world. She creates her music by fusion "Oriental and Western" and "Modern/Rock and Traditional". She also protests what we loose/lost in our life by modernization. 

  2005 she moved to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and keep on her activity. 2006 she organized [REI SATOSHI BAND] And 2011 finally she started [SAKURA MUSIC & ART] culture center. She says "for culture exchange" "for music & art" "for the beautiful life"

  She will mediate art & culture between the Netherlands/Europe and Japan/Asia.